Welcome to the World of the GluvIts!

You’ve entered a wonderful world where our magical creatures only know how to do one thing – share their expressions of Luv to us all.  From the hand to the heart.  Now it’s up to us to pass it on!

From The Crib to the Classroom…
A Unique New Way to Learn While They Play!

Baby GluvItSign

You can start with your child as an infant by
using Baby GluvItSign. Learn signs
you’ll use to communicate with them before
they learn to speak. Click on the Baby
GluvItSign tab to learn more. You can also
accessorize the nursery with GluvItSign
room decorations.

The GluvIts and GluvItSign

Your toddler or preschooler will move onto
GluvItSign with their own pair of GluvIts and
the Meet the GLuvIts DVD. Children will
thouroughly learn the sign language
alphabet and most of their colors. Click on
the Store tab to find out more.

Wear The GluvIts!

You can add to the fun with GluvIts T-Shirts, aprons, dolls, room decorations and much, much more. Click on the Store tab to find the perfect item for your child.

  • "My son loves his Gluvits!  It's all he talks about from the moment he gets up 'til he goes to bed.  The more he's watched the DVD and played with his GluvIts the more he's learned.  Now, he not only knows his sign language alphabet - he knows his alphabet."
    -Jay, father of a 4 year old boy
  • "My daughter watched her "Meet The GluvIts" DVD so many times, the GluvIts company had to replace it. To this day she still digs through her toys to find all her GluvIts attire. Layering on her t-shirt, apron, purse and, of course, her GluvIts!"
    -Libby, mother of 3 year old girl